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The Importance of Having a Vision Board

Life gets hard.

That's no secret, and sometimes even a message by Joel Osteen won't get you up out of your dump. I don't know about you, but I find when the 'storms' have stopped for awhile, God's giving me time to restock my spirit before the storm starts again. Just like it says in Psalm 91- "You're my refuge. I trust in you and I'm safe!" For me to really feel strong and secure in my faith in Jesus (that He will deliver my from the traps of the enemy), I have to pull out ALL the stops. This time, I'm highlighting the imperative importance of having a vision board right in front of you.
Above are examples of vision boards. The reason I don't say 'dream' is because Jesus is your Dream, not whatever earthly things placed on the board. I say 'vision', because these inspire you to keep going, while also planting a seed of belief inside that the images you see WILL come to pass.


Let's talk benefits. Oftentimes, making an inspiration board becomes a collection of things we LIKE vs. actually things we'd like to achieve become. I'm telling you- don't fall into that trap of just wishing! Pray for each thing you'd like to be manifested into your life and BY FAITH put something in your life, whether it's an actual board, or maybe just a simple imagine on your bathroom mirror.

1. Building your faith muscles!

That being said, one of the main benefits of having something in front of you that inspires you is FAITH. It builds your faith tremendously- even when the thing you were believing for is long forgotten and you haven't gotten around to praying for it. The wonderful thing is, God has not forgotten your earlier prayer. Each time you pass by that object, the little seed you planted by faith weeks, months, years ago...etc. is growing! If you are someone who longs for intimacy with God- here's a way to do it. Remember- everything that does not line up with Scripture is subject to change.

2. You follow God's Word by keeping your visions in front of you.

"When there is no vision- the people perish." --Proverbs 29:18
This is the vision board in a nutshell. When you don't see what you want, your dreams die. 'Nuff said. Keep your vision in front of you at all times! Remind yourself, even in the times when you're too distraught to even think about what's to come, that you're still trusting God, and He will do the rest. As Joel Osteen says, "Whatever you can see, God will give you." Just like Abraham, you keep on believing God for the best lands, though it seems like you've gotten the worst.

I encourage you today to start keeping your dreams in front of you. Honestly, if you don't have magazines, which was my exact dilemma, you're not screwed. If you're believing for a certain college, like I am- buy the coffee mug and the t-shirt. I did!

If you're like me and aspire to have your book published with a certain publisher, print out their logo and entry specifications and put that on your bathroom mirror! I guarantee you it's much prettier to look at than your bathroom everytime you brush your teeth. It's easy- and don't talk yourself out of dreams. That only kills 'em. Instead, try a vision board and don't let it perish.


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