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{Christian Book Review}: Ten Days Without

10 Days Without is a book written to inspire Christians to stop being passive.

In the way they seek God.

In the way they worship Him.

In the way they serve others.

I've noticed and prayed against this habit myself- the tendency we have to move beyond contentment and go into what Day calls 'slackitism'. It's feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit tell you to do something, and then completing it half way. Or not doing it at all. Or relying on someone else to do what God Himself has called YOU to do.
I love the idea centered around this book. It's calling us to GET UP out of the church and go out and see what God is doing in this broken world. As each section beckons us to give up a comfort to peek into the lives of others while praying and fasting, God gives us a glimpse of what it's like to live in the eyes of the person who doesn't have shoes, or legs.

In this eye-opening book, Day challenged me to fight the tide of 'good intentions' and move into…

Simply Him

This morning I had beautiful whitespace (as FaithBarista Bonnie Gray calls it) in my favorite place. My mind was muddled and I was trying to fix it myself.

Walking along the beautiful lake, I clutched my books to my chest and thought. Even the gorgeous scenery against the light November wind hadn't calmed me.

I heard something: Do you remember how you were when I first met you?

Me: A mess.

Don't you think if you were there, a mess without any sense of direction and I guided you out of that and brought you here, that I won't guide you?
I will guide you out of anything and everything. You just keep loving Me and spending time with Me and you'll find you're already there.

He spoke to me. He spoke to me!!

I'd been so worried about where He wanted me to go and how I was going to get there and how far away I was from that place that I forgot His basics. I'm just here to love him and spend time with Him...then I'll look up one day and find that I'm exactly where …