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I Saw Doug Addison!!

Last month, I had an amazing experience at a Joan Hunter Ministries Conference. I'd gotten a letter in the mail concerning it, but do to scheduling, I didn't think I'd be able to attend. I prayed about it, begging God to open the schedule, but it didn't look like it would happen. Lo and behold, that very day there was a breach in my schedule that allowed me to go. Problem was, I didn't feel like it. I was in a nasty mood, didn't 'feel' like worshiping God, and I was letting all types of demonic thoughts rule me. "Oh well, we're already late." "What if God doesn't let me feel His love like He did before?" "I don't even feel like worshiping right now, my heart is too closed off." But as we drove into the 4 Corners Conference Center, a tiny seed of hope flared inside of me. Maybe this is where I'll feel that agape love [agape is a Hebrew word for strong love- it defines that overflowing, desperate love we get …


"The headlights of your car going down a dark winding road on a dark night let you see only a few feet ahead. You cannot see the entire road, so you must respond to each corner and each curve as you come to it. On the side of each curve, there is a steel guardrail, placed their by you and your Savior to keep you from the real damage off the road. The Christian life is much the same. God rarely lets us see what He wants for our life- only what He wants us to do now. He asks us for obedience- and if, we happen to stray off the road, the guardrails you've established earlier will keep us from crashing. He asks for obedience for what He's asked of us today...and like a car's headlight...He'll show us where to go." -Life Change