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{Christian Book Review}: Though My Heart Is Torn

Though My Heart Is Torn, Joanne Bischof (
I'm happy to say that the Cadence of Grace series by Joanne Bischof was my first major plunge into the uplifting world of Christian fiction. And honestly, after making the plunge, I'm just about ready to invite Lonnie and Gideon into my home!

So this is the second book following the story of Gideon and Lonnie, a young couple who came together by an arranged marriage and stayed together by Christ's abounding love. If you'd like to hear more of that story, check out Be Still My Soul by the same author. So Lonnie, the beautiful girl you see in the picture above, finally gives her heart fully to her wedded husband and is living happily after after with him and their son. And...and right when she thinks that nothing will ever test their love again- BAM! The secret is revealed...Gideon is already lawfully wedded to his former flame, Cassie Allan. Will Lonnie give into the pressure of the world? Can she truly be able to believe Gideon's excuses this time- especially when there's proof that the marriage was real?

My thoughts:

Reading the second book was like coming home. The sense of home-ness (excuse the made-up word), familiarity, and love that came with the Bennett's home emanated from beyond the pages. I could smell the cinnamon buns baking in Elsie's kitchen, hear the giggle escaping from Jacob's lips, feel the intensity of the stares Lonnie gave Gideon before she learned of his marriage. The writing was significantly better than Be Still My Soul, as before I noticed lots of phrases were repeated later in the book.
Being a writer myself, I understand the method, show not tell. A lot of writing in this book consists of facts, and then ever so subtly, "Cassie stood watching." (or some kind of phrase like that). This degrades from the writing and doesn't help in creating a scene where readers can imagine the event happening. I hope the author refrains from this next time.

Other than that- I LOVED IT! Although it ended on a HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER, I am so, so excited for the next. I cannot wait to see what happens between the former couple. And the Scot? I ache to read more.

If you loved Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, this is definitely the book for you.

And if you're someone who enjoys a good Christian romance, this one's for you.

Thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah for copy.


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